Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweater Upcycle - Thrifty Fall Decor

Decorate your home for Fall... Big Cozy style... on a tiny budget!!
Upcycling, Thrifty and Dollar Bins!
First lets start with a big fun center piece I created spending less than $11.
* $3 - The twig nest basket was a thrifty find from Goodwill, I am so in love with the natural raw feel to it but had no idea how I would use it at the time
* $2.50 -  The twig pumpkin was a dollar bin at Target $2.50! 
* $2 - Small pumpkin from the grocery store
* $3 - Pumpkin scented candle is in glass vase to keep my pretty basket from burning up! Smells & looks so pretty!

Keep an eye out for big glass vases at garage sales, I picked this beauty up for .50 cents.. cleaned it up a little and it's perfect! These can cost $10+ dollars alone in most stores! Be sure to use other items you already have in your home creatively. I used these 2 ikea mirror frames as a base for my arrangement. Set the candles on the mirrors, sprinkle a little $4 autumn potpourri from Walmart, Candles and 3 costume jewelry golden leaf pins = Lovely!

This upcycle project was by FAR the most FUN I had sewing in a while... What do you think I could create from this? An ivory dated Large knit sweater that found half off from Goodwill... $2.50! It's so cozy and warm! In Arizona its still 100+ degrees, too hot to wear a sweater yet... So I had to get creative on how to use it now! :)
Not bad right!? :) Believe it or not these all came from this upcycled sweater refashion, two cozy rectangle sweater pillows, and one awesome sweater handbag!
Can you believe I made all of this from a $2 sweater? The only other thing i had to buy was the stuffing for the pillows... about $3 extra total! The rest of the items I needed I already had on hand. I used a skinny leather belt to make the handles on the purse, and some white jersey knit to create a lining on the pillow. I even have enough left over material from the sleeve cuffs that I can make some of those adorable sweater covered vases I've been reading about from fellow bloggers lately!

I love these chunky cozy sweater pillows! My girlfriends & I walked through Pottery Barn a couple weeks ago for fun... and all loved the sweater pillows they had on display, but the price tag was nearly $35!
Gulp.... I'll take my $2 version anyday! ;)
Last but not least, is my favorite... the autumn/winter inspired handbag!
It was an adventure sewing through this many layers of thick sweater... my poor sewing machine broke two needles during assembly! But I think it was well worth it!

I decided to put this Seasons Change Purse up for grabs in my etsy shop! :)
Update: SOLD-- LuvARoo Boutique
The inner lining is a navy blue, with a big cozy pocket to keep your keys & phone safe & warm.. ;)
Lots of handsewn details, from the leather strap  to the huge wooden button.
Wouldn't this be the perfect comfortable winter/autumn accessory paired with some cute brown boots and soft scarf!?

Well, I'm gonna go cozy up on the couch with my man, coffee and new comfy pillows! :)


  1. That is a GREAT bag Heather! I can't believe how far you were able to make that one sweater go!

  2. I'm in love with all of these sweater creations! The pillows look so cozy and the purse is adorable! Keep these wonderful creations coming!

  3. Ok, I'm back. What size is the purse? I need pillows like a shot in the arm, but are you adding those to your shop too?

  4. Thanks girls! I'm gonna keep these pillows, they have become a comfy family favorite! But I'm definetly gonna make some more to add the to shop soon, they are just to fun not to share! I'll be off sweater hunting soon! ;)

    Jessica the purse is approx 13" long by 15" wide counting the straps.

  5. thank you for the sweet words.I had no idea my link was even over there! That's awesome lol :) love your blog and love the whole sweater pillow thing..might be the thing my couches need to warm up for winter!

  6. wow, LOVE the purse! wish I had seen it earlier, would have lovd to score that from your shop! and the pillows....so inspiring. your creativity is endless and so encouraging!

  7. Hadn't thought to turn the rest of the sweater into PILLOWS! Genius! Now I can't wait to hunt old sweaters down for a little candle and pillow refashioning...

  8. wow!i have to find some old sweaters to use and make bags and pillows! i like the idea so much!

  9. I love these! Very nice and totally professional looking. Wish I could sew that well.

  10. I did not see the instructions for making the purse??

  11. I didn't see directions for the sweater purse? Is there a link I missed. I want to make the bag..sweater pillows and the vase covers. They are all so wonderfully cute.