Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shirt to Summer Scarf Refashion

Refashion Time!
Creating a summer scarf from an old shirt...
This was a cute tank top that was too small & didn't fit right, but I loved the pattern and lace! I've seen some of these sheer ruffled summery scarfs that I've been longing to add to my wardrobe. Fun to wear, perfect to soften up a tank top... I added a cool pin to hold the scarf in place or you can simply twist the elastic.
This scarf has two rows of elastic thread down the middle to create the ruffles and gathering, elastic thread gotta love that stuff!
This was a pretty simple refashion, I used the entire shirt... no scraps let over! Cut up the shirt horizontally including the inner lining in approx 6 in wide strips, I saved the lace straps & buttons to embellish the lining part of the fabric, figure out your design and sew together the pieces (I used my serger for cleaner edges), then sew 2 rows of elastic thread down the middle. Now it's ready to wear!


  1. wow this is lovely!! im so excited about making it :) thanks allot.

  2. Im afraid I didnt understand the pattern and why a lining for a scarf??

  3. My interpretation is that the lining was used for alternate pieces and the extra lace attached to those pieces, so that all pieces have lace on them. Hence the two different fabrics in the photo. Such a simple idea with such lovely results.

  4. I think that the tank was lined. That's where the lining material came from.