Monday, February 14, 2011

In LOVE with Lines -- Romantic Artwork

Here are some of my paintings from the "In Love with Lines" series in honor of this romantic holiday, Valentines Day!

Lovers Embrace - Sensual Colors, seductive lines intertwine to create a passion of lovers.
Grazioso, which means to play with Grace and elegance.

Twisting lines curve together to create a loving embrace and the magnolia flowers... symbolizing the couples blossoming love.

~ Waltz of the Peacock ~

Passionate Lines - Melting orchids, represent the heat of passion.
Song of Solomon, the book of lovers from the Bible in the right corner.

Enjoy this Romantic day with your Love!

Keep it simple and celebrate how your lives have been intertwined to create a beautiful masterpiece together.

PS - I recently was forwarded the link to this romantic Jazz music by  Paolo Conte - L'amore che on YouTube that incorporated my artwork with the song. Thought it was very fitting and fun with my paintings.
CLICK HERE -- To go to YouTube for slideshow


  1. Your compositions with all of them are although simple, very well put to keep the eye on the painting and not drift off! I love them! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your artwork is beautiful! Do you have it for sale?

  3. Beautiful, How can I have "Lover's Embrace" in my bedroom?