Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EVEN - by J. Taylor

A Special feature of:
EVEN by J. Taylor
my beautiful talented sister-in-law!

She also shares a love of sewing, and has created many beautiful items. After her wedding she had lots of lovely white fabric left over from decorating, using her refashion/sewing skills she made beautiful dresses for each one of her nieces for Christmas.  I love the beautiful birds that she handmade, so pretty!  This girl has got amazing skills, love ya Jaime!

Looking forward to what she creates next! Follow her & my brothers blog and their exciting life at sea:

 My sweet Eliannah modeling Aunt Jaime's dress! She loves it, and loves being infront of the camera! :)

And Briellah looks so adorable too!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Handmade Zebra Purse

Starting Off!
Taking this fabric to a purse like this was a fun project! I'm a huge fan of Zebra print, so when I found this fabric on sale in the teals I knew I had to have it. The hardware & buttons are all recycled. It is the perfect size for me, big enough so I can carry diaper bag stuff inside along with my things.... but not too big!

I'm really liking the adjustable strap, so I can wear it over my shoulder while carrying the kids... or tighten it up for a handbag look.

Lining matches the strap, with an inside pocket. The purse snaps shut with a magnetic clasp.
I have enough left over material to make another one, I may try selling on etsy!

My Little Cupcake

Birthday Girl!

My sweet Briellah turned one, and I wanted to create a fun outfit for her special day.
I cheated on this one, and bought new material to make the skirt from JoAnns Fabric, and bought the cupcake iron on too. It looked pretty simple to make though, I was just short on time.

I created a skirt from the fluffy tulle, and balloon style top layer. Very puffy & Sweet... just like a cupcake! ;)

My sweet baby, happy 1st birthday love!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Striped Shirt Makeover

Stripes, Rosettes & Ruffles
This was a fun upcycle for a good friend, she gave me a huge bag of clothes to play with!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before photo... it was just a plain striped long sleeve shirt with a front pocket kind of resembled a PJ shirt. I removed the sleeves & pocket and created a short sleeve shirt perfect for layering!
The ruffles are actually the cuffs from the old sleeves that had a cute matching fabric.
I created rose buds from left over fabric scraps.

A simple yet fun makeover!

Artsy Ruffled Tee-Shirt

This started out as just a plain well fitting tee-shirt... nothing to exciting, I was "sew over it"! I added ruffles made from some knit scrap fabric, all different lengths in complimentary tan & teal tones. I really enjoyed this refashion, I think I will be repeating it with some other color ideas!

Upclose: lots of stitching & ruffles. Since the ruffles are made of knit they will not fray when washed, but should actually bunch up even a little more.

Linen Halter Top

I found this linen shirt at Goodwill, I thought the fabric was light & airy for summer. It was WAY to big for me, which gave me plenty of fabric to work with.
BEFORE: Long Sleeves, Plain with front pocket
AFTER: An awesome linen halter top perfect for summer!
I love the long tie, creates a big bow in the back... very feminine!
I removed the long sleeves and pocket then created a new sleeve line. Dont forget to sew down the front buttons so it stays closed! Cut off the top of the shirt to create the halter, fold down and leave track for the strap. On the back of the shirt I had to remove a large section for a correct fit, cut the back lower than the front... elastic through back, and about 8 rows of smocking. Bada Bing.... and now you have a new halter top!
I smocked the back of the shirt so it pulled nice and tight on my lower back.

Renewed... Recycled... Remade


Got a closet full of dull, old, boring wrong sized clothes?... REFASHION! Take something that is lacking & create a new unique outfit... Sew Over It!
This is my jouney on Refashioning, recycling and renewing clothing & fabrics.
I love sewing & art, and giving new life to something that would otherwise be cast off.
Hey it's a tight economy, go shopping in your own closet! What can we design!?
I create womens and childrens clothing, and accessories! Check back often for newest designs, I love suggestions, or donations of your unwanted clothing. I can create you a whole new wardrobe from your pieces!
Let's get refashioning! :)