Monday, April 11, 2011

{Changes} - Simplify and Focus!

I now have a New Blog Home!

Welcome to my {Heather Hurzeler} new blog home! I've been doing a lot of deep thinking and have decided it's time to really get seriously focused on my true loves.

Art and Photography with a splash of "Sew-Over-It" projects mixed in there too.

I have truly enjoyed the Sew-Over-It blog, and have been SO THANKFUL for my faithful friends and blogger friendships I've met over the past year! Thank you!! I don't want to loose or upset any of you, this has been a very hard choice for me... but I think if YOU join me it will become a long term better thing for my business and growth. :)

At the end of this month marks the 1 year anniversary of starting the blog Sew-Over-It, and the sadly the last. I LOVE sewing and creating new things from old, but have decided to really try and keep my focus on the bigger picture (my artwork & photography). If you know me at all, you'll know I have many loves in the art/craft world... and enjoy constantly learning and trying new things. But that can also be a bad thing for me, it takes the focus and time away from where it should be -
My artwork & photography!

Don't worry I'll still be doing Sew-Over-It projects and perhaps tutorials ocassionally on the new blog, but mostly sewing for my children / home and self! :) I love keeping you guys inspired with DIY project ideas!

I will be keeping my store stocked with mostly Artwork, (large, small and hopefully prints too soon!) and womens accessories & wedding items.

So my new blog is:  --- PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE FOLLOW ME THERE! I would hate to loose any of my blogger friends in this transition, I'd love to see the numbers grow! :)

The new blog & website will combine everything into one easy place for me to grow as an artist / photographer / designer! I hope you will join and support me in this adventure. :)

Also check out my WEBSITE!  --

If you see something within my website / blog you are interested in please let me know. Currently I am trying to get my name out there and get my art & photography business off the ground. Currently I am working for a deeply discounted price! I believe good art & photography should be affordable for everyone!


SO PLEASE GO to: - and become a follower, it would make my day! :) If your feeling extra sweet you could leave me a comment too! ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pretty in Grey - Dresser Makeovers

Thrifty Dresser Makeovers
My 2 daughters share a room and were always lacking for dresser space. We did a little garage sale shopping and found this ugly brown painted dresser for $5! Loved the style & price tag... but the color reminded me of mud/poo.... ;) Time for a makeover!

We needed a matching set, something for each girl... so I pulled this little guy from my art studio that wasn't being used. And with a little spray paint magic... we had a matching set!
We picked up some new silver knobs from Target and I loved the finished product! I'm a huge fan of DIY and saving $$$! Don't let refinishing furniture scare you off, it's WORTH the time and effort.
I started by sanding down both dressers with the electric sander, removing the old paint/stain. Spray paint the set (glossy) in a deep grey and once it was dry I added a little darker glaze for the details.

The whole project cost appox $20. (including the new dresser, hardware and spray paint)
 I saved a ton of $ and got exactly the look I wanted for their bedroom. Love the purple and grey combo!
And for those of you wondering how I keep a 2 & 5 year olds room so clean....? ;) Just keeping it real!
I had to shovel barbies, books and clothes off the tops of the dressers just to get some pics. haha.

One of my girls FAVORITE toys is their doll house handmade by their daddy and decorated by me.
I've logged many hours of playtime with them, I've got to admit... we had fun creating this giant 3 story house, my childhood dreams come true. ;)
 Here is a sneak peak!

What was your favorite childhood toy?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

I'm back after a much needed family vacation over spring break to Seattle and Bend to visit family and friends. We had an awesome time and I came back feeling refreshed and loaded with inspiration!

The downtown market is loaded with color, fresh flowers, produce, jewelry, art, fish... etc! It is a sensory overload for the eyes, nose and probably wallet. ;) I purchased some artwork from a local vendor, yummy chocolate cherries, and lusted after the many gorgeous flowers.

Seattle had sunshine all 3 days we were there, crazy beautiful and a very unexpected treat! I was hoping for a little rain though, but we got some of that and snow on our 3,700 mile round trip drive! ;) Arizona to Seattle, and back again... plus lots of site seeing, wow!

Of course no market place shopping is complete with out a little Antique shopping!
So many fun treasures, I wish I had more $$$ and space to bring things home. :)

Here are some "Spring Time" photos from our travels, enjoy!



And of course, my hubby and I had to get in a "Kissy" Seattle picture, I love him!! :)

Seattle Skyline at night was breathtaking!

Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break!

What adventures did you and your family have?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Heading Out...

Hitting the Road...
Singing in the Rain...
Loving on my family...
Enjoying a cup of coffee from the original Starbucks...
Taking pictures...

If you need me you know where to find me... ;)



the Beautiful Bend, Oregon.
I'll be back home soon, please pray for safe travels! 
Thank you & much love,
Heather ~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding beauty in your surroundings...

In the past the word "Desert" and "Beautiful" would not be two words I would place together in the same sentence.

Growing up in Arizona, I've gotten my fill of dry desert waste lands... endured the tumbleweeds, allergies and extra dusting in housework that comes from living in the desert. (haha... not that I actually do a ton of dusting, just keeping it real).  Unless the wildflowers are in bloom, I found the desert pretty much a UN-inspiring place that is filled with rattlesnakes and scorpions... two of my least favorite things in the world. I'm a BIG coward when it comes to scorpions, just gives me the shivers just typing that word. blaa! anyways, sidetrack! ;)

However, something has finally sparked inside me to really find the beauty in my surroundings. Right now we are living here and I should make the best of it and showcase the beauty of something I once detested. I think that is pretty much my "Sew-Over-It" way of thinking, take something old and boring to you and make it new, beautiful & exciting! :)

I've been enjoying learning more and enjoying the art of photography... and strangely enough I have found one of my favorite locations to shoot so far has been the desert.  Here are a few of my favorite desert photos thus far.

There is nothing more beautiful than an Arizona sunset, well.. except for maybe two people madly in love. ;)

This is how girls play on windy days, when most people run inside and a dust storm is coming... my adventurous daughter and I play outside! ;)

What is something you have a hard time finding "beautiful"? Take a closer look and you might just change your mind.

All this to say about the "desert", and I am off next week for a family vacation to Seattle! Haha.... every desert flower has to soak up the rain for a little bit right? ;)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gold and brassy to...

Garage Sales & Spray paint make me happy! ;)

I turned this $3 gold/brassy grandma's mirror to funky fabulous in 15 minutes. Add some dark glaze to
 pop the details and it's ready to go! I used the left over paint from the {Green Bean} chair makeover in the previous post. 

Next I grabbed a can of outdoor Bronze paint and gave our old sad (Orange) fading flower pots a fresh coat of paint, way cheaper than buying new pots. And of course I planted some new spring flowers! 

What project have you given a "Spray Paint" makeover recently!? :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Green Bean...

Hello, meet Green bean... in all his green greenliness.
We met at Goodwill and after getting over my inital reaction...

I was captivated by the price tag {$7} enough to take a second glance. I told him if he wanted to become part of our family the vinyl and green had to go.
So today he got a makeover! ;) 
Ah much better and a perfect chair for my art/sewing desk. This was one of the quickest and most fun before/after projects I've done... I love spray paint!

Sanded & sprayed this guy down then added some distressing and glaze, I love that bright pop of color! 
I found this artsy floral upholstery fabric in the remnant section at JoAnns for $40 a yard original price tag, yikes!! Today it was 40% off and then another 50% off that, I think I paid about $12 for it... and I have more left over for other little projects!

After I finished up I got lucky to find a little beauty sitting in my chair modeling it for me. ;)

{$23} dollars start to finish. Love.