Monday, April 11, 2011

{Changes} - Simplify and Focus!

I now have a New Blog Home!

Welcome to my {Heather Hurzeler} new blog home! I've been doing a lot of deep thinking and have decided it's time to really get seriously focused on my true loves.

Art and Photography with a splash of "Sew-Over-It" projects mixed in there too.

I have truly enjoyed the Sew-Over-It blog, and have been SO THANKFUL for my faithful friends and blogger friendships I've met over the past year! Thank you!! I don't want to loose or upset any of you, this has been a very hard choice for me... but I think if YOU join me it will become a long term better thing for my business and growth. :)

At the end of this month marks the 1 year anniversary of starting the blog Sew-Over-It, and the sadly the last. I LOVE sewing and creating new things from old, but have decided to really try and keep my focus on the bigger picture (my artwork & photography). If you know me at all, you'll know I have many loves in the art/craft world... and enjoy constantly learning and trying new things. But that can also be a bad thing for me, it takes the focus and time away from where it should be -
My artwork & photography!

Don't worry I'll still be doing Sew-Over-It projects and perhaps tutorials ocassionally on the new blog, but mostly sewing for my children / home and self! :) I love keeping you guys inspired with DIY project ideas!

I will be keeping my store stocked with mostly Artwork, (large, small and hopefully prints too soon!) and womens accessories & wedding items.

So my new blog is:  --- PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE FOLLOW ME THERE! I would hate to loose any of my blogger friends in this transition, I'd love to see the numbers grow! :)

The new blog & website will combine everything into one easy place for me to grow as an artist / photographer / designer! I hope you will join and support me in this adventure. :)

Also check out my WEBSITE!  --

If you see something within my website / blog you are interested in please let me know. Currently I am trying to get my name out there and get my art & photography business off the ground. Currently I am working for a deeply discounted price! I believe good art & photography should be affordable for everyone!


SO PLEASE GO to: - and become a follower, it would make my day! :) If your feeling extra sweet you could leave me a comment too! ;)


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    {Changes} - Simplify and Focus!
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    {Changes} - Simplify and Focus!
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