Monday, June 21, 2010

Crib bedding Set - "Bella = Beautiful"

~ Bella = Beautiful ~

One of most recent sewing projects has been this original handmade crib quilt & pillow set. Named after my daughter Briellah (Bella), it is available for sale on my LuvARoo etsy site shop:  Shop Here

It is made from the highest quality soft jersey knit (grey) and beautiful (spring green & white) damask pattern.Fit for a new little prince or princess' nursery! I was inspired to create this after my last trip to Anthropologie, I walked into the bedding department and fell head over heels in love with this:

The Rosette bedding, I love the fabric texture of this! I would love to make something like this for my bed, but figured I should start small. So I created the crib blanket that includes a matching pillow!

The blanket/comforter size is 40"x50" and decorative pillow measures 10"x10" inches. The blanket has a plush lining for warmth for your babies bedding. Unusual swirls/gathers of fabric manipulation on the center of each square, create a fun "anthropologie" one of a kind look to the set.

Ready to Ship! Questions please contact me at:
Asking $85 for this set, complete it with a plain white or green bumper from your favorite baby store.

This is a unique design by LuvARoo (Sew-Over-It), I will be creating other crib bedding sets like this of different colors. Please send me a message if you are interested in a certain color / fabric. Please respect LuvARoo's design, no copying please. Thank you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ruffled Vest Refashion

Ruffled Vest Refashion
This was a fun easy project that was an idea from a good friend of mine. I started with her simple quarter sleeve light sweater, cut the sleeves off, cut down the middle to create a vest... sew over it... and you have created a light ruffled top adorable for summer!

In Process... easy project for a total of 1 hour tops! I love taking something old and making it new, fun and styling!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOL... Worthy

Somethings in life just make me happy & laugh out loud...
I thought I'd share a few of those moments to hopefully get a little chuckle out of you too!

Like the other day when my daughter comes downstairs, claiming she's "Recycled Mommy! I created an outfit!"..... Wearing a only target shopping bag that she cut holes in for the legs.... and used the straps for sleeves... hahah... girl after my own heart, now we must work on modesty. ;) 
I've spent hours sewing her dresses, little did I know I could have made her equally happy handing her a shopping bag onzie! LOL...

I read a couple quotes from one of my favorite blogs ikat bag reminding me when I'm frustrated to find the humor it could always be worse! ; )  Lol...
 •"Think of the people who are starving in other countries who don't have sewing machines."
•"Be grateful that you weren't forced at gunpoint to sew clothes out of polyester printed with hibiscus and lobsters"

Remember to find joy in the little things, roll with life's curve balls, and make time to laugh & love!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby & Me

~ My Baby & Me ~
 After I made my daughter her sunshine daisy dress, she told me how much her new doll (she got from her 5th birthday) needed a new dress too..... I had plenty of extra fabric so... matching dresses!

The top is slightly different to cover the dolls fabric arms, but a fun little replica. It is so much fun watching her dress her doll & self to match... Mommies love their babies!  ;)

No buttons or zippers, just slip dolly in... easy for little fingers, with a zebra tie in the back.

~ Waldorf Dolls ~
On the topic of dolls, I'm in LOVE with these Waldorf dolls... I may have to save up my $ and get my girls one while they are little, they have the most amazing handspun yarn hair and super soft bodies! Adorable!
Check out these cute dolls from Apple Tree House, she does amazing work!
I love the color in their hair.... hmmm... not sure but I may be slightly more obsessed than my girls with these cute babies! ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cute Tee Dress

Tee-Shirt Dress Refashion
This project started out with a gray tee-shirt and sundress that the top didn't fit... cut off the bottom of the shirt & top of the dress add a black waist band and now I have a super cute, trendy dress.
I love how comfortable this is and pockets are a must for a mommy! And best part is it didn't cost a thing! 

This could also look great with leggings or skinny jeans underneath!

Other things, I now have a facebook page for Sew-Over-It .... Become a FAN!
I have some fun ideas for awesome giveaways to friends of Sew-Over-It.
Click here to check it out!  Facebook - Sew-Over-It  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shirt to Summer Scarf Refashion

Refashion Time!
Creating a summer scarf from an old shirt...
This was a cute tank top that was too small & didn't fit right, but I loved the pattern and lace! I've seen some of these sheer ruffled summery scarfs that I've been longing to add to my wardrobe. Fun to wear, perfect to soften up a tank top... I added a cool pin to hold the scarf in place or you can simply twist the elastic.
This scarf has two rows of elastic thread down the middle to create the ruffles and gathering, elastic thread gotta love that stuff!
This was a pretty simple refashion, I used the entire shirt... no scraps let over! Cut up the shirt horizontally including the inner lining in approx 6 in wide strips, I saved the lace straps & buttons to embellish the lining part of the fabric, figure out your design and sew together the pieces (I used my serger for cleaner edges), then sew 2 rows of elastic thread down the middle. Now it's ready to wear!

Sweet Sunshine Daisy Dress

Sweet Summer Sunshine...

I created this dress from scratch in size 4T, it is a Sunny yellow with a splash of funky zebra!
I had found this fun sheer fabric from on sale, and the solid yellow fabric was a goodwill $1.00 rescue!

I'm very happy with the outcome, I will definetly be making some more of these to add to my girls summer dress collection. Maybe a few for etsy shop as well! :)

The Daisy flower is a removable pin, to keep it pretty when the dress is washed... or switched out to change the look of the dress.


This design in a satin or tulle material may make a beautiful flowergirls dress as well... hmm, perhaps I might get brave and sew her dress for an upcoming weddding!?  What do you think, I love suggestions! :)