Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet Sunshine Daisy Dress

Sweet Summer Sunshine...

I created this dress from scratch in size 4T, it is a Sunny yellow with a splash of funky zebra!
I had found this fun sheer fabric from on sale, and the solid yellow fabric was a goodwill $1.00 rescue!

I'm very happy with the outcome, I will definetly be making some more of these to add to my girls summer dress collection. Maybe a few for etsy shop as well! :)

The Daisy flower is a removable pin, to keep it pretty when the dress is washed... or switched out to change the look of the dress.


This design in a satin or tulle material may make a beautiful flowergirls dress as well... hmm, perhaps I might get brave and sew her dress for an upcoming weddding!?  What do you think, I love suggestions! :)


  1. Cute! Do you find good fabric every time you go to Goodwill? I don't think I have "an eye" for picking up something and seeing what it can become. Great work!

  2. Thanks Kiki! :) Well, I'm not always lucky at Goodwill, but I'll buy random fabric if it's pretty & enough yardage... hoping one day I'll figure out a use for it. Lol... I've got quite a collection going on. But hey at the typical price of $1.99 for sometimes over 3 yards of fabric you can't beat that price!