Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOL... Worthy

Somethings in life just make me happy & laugh out loud...
I thought I'd share a few of those moments to hopefully get a little chuckle out of you too!

Like the other day when my daughter comes downstairs, claiming she's "Recycled Mommy! I created an outfit!"..... Wearing a only target shopping bag that she cut holes in for the legs.... and used the straps for sleeves... hahah... girl after my own heart, now we must work on modesty. ;) 
I've spent hours sewing her dresses, little did I know I could have made her equally happy handing her a shopping bag onzie! LOL...

I read a couple quotes from one of my favorite blogs ikat bag reminding me when I'm frustrated to find the humor it could always be worse! ; )  Lol...
 •"Think of the people who are starving in other countries who don't have sewing machines."
•"Be grateful that you weren't forced at gunpoint to sew clothes out of polyester printed with hibiscus and lobsters"

Remember to find joy in the little things, roll with life's curve balls, and make time to laugh & love!


  1. So glad you stopped in to say hi! I was actually thinking of you recently and popped in to your Etsy store. I love your new blog & am amazed at your sewing skills! Pants?!? Wow! I added your blog to my list. Talk to you soon! Hope you & the family are doing well.

  2. Heather?! we met 'again' in line for coffee, yesterday. I was scoping Jessica's blog and saw your comment which led me and my mad blogstalking skillz to your site! i LOVE what you do!!! I used to dabble in sewing before my do you do it? and blog? with THREE kids??? we need to get together for coffee and to hang out. hope to see you again soon. -Emily

  3. Claudia has been writing the blog updates so I didn't see your comment till today. Thanks! Echo is full on as an athlete :). I doubt many people can keep up, lol. Looks like your kids are growing up fast....creative like their mom.

  4. Totally Awesome and cute! Children learn so quickly from their environment. You are passing on my Grandmother's saying "Waste not Want not". If we think, most everything can be re-purposed. Keep it up!