Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Pair of Pants!!

~ Sew Over It ~
My $2.00 Red Beach Pants, a first attempt at sewing pants!!

I was pretty excited when I found some great red fabric at Goodwill for 2 dollars, in just over 3 yards... perfect amount for making a pair of pants. This is a project I've wanted to try for a while, I'm petite... and it's SOOOO hard to find a good fitting cute pair of pants. Either they have a droopy crotch or a mile of extra fabric dragging under my feet. So if I could just figure out how to make my own, save myself the torture of pants shopping with my children in tote.... then problem solved... a perfect fitting pair of pants!

Now, I'm definetly not ambitious enough to try jeans... but I'd love to make a few pair of Linen beach pants. Something comfortable, flowy... that feel effortlessly sexy. But HOW does one sew pants that are actually cute & fit!!??  Well, after some advice from my sister-in-law, and research from some of my favorite sewing blogs... I decided the best way for me would be to take a pair of my own well fitting pants & create a pattern from them. That pattern can easily be tweaked to create a different well fitting style.

First I layed out of my favorite drawstring pants (inside out) on a big sheet of butchers paper. Traced each piece to create the exact shape, added 1/2  inch seam allowance, and couple inches for the hem and top elastic waistline.  You really only need one pattern of the Front & Back from one side... just flip the pattern over to make the Left & Right side.  I also created a pocket pattern, and marked where the pockets would go on my pant legs.

Cut your pattern pieces....  mark each piece: Front Right, Back Right, Front Left, Back Left
This will save you from guessing later! Sew together, I suggest checking out a youtube video on assembly of pants.

I went with an elastic waistband, added belt loops... and a long belt.

I was pretty excited how well they turned out for my first pair, definetly not perfect.... but wearable!

These are the next pair I may attempt to make from Victoria Secret, I LOVE the flowing white fabric & belt!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grey Ruffled Striped Tank

Winter to Summer Refashion!
~ Cute Striped Gray Ruffle Tank ~
I had this large striped knit shirt from H&M, I loved the fabric but not the shirt itself. I needed a cute ruffle tanktop perfect for hot Arizona! So I turned it into this...

First I cut off the sleeves, created a new neckline and brought in the sides with my serger for a nice fit.

I cut the sleeves into long strips to create ruffles, and found some cool vintage nautical silver buttons to add to the flower center. To one side of the shirt I added some elastic on the inside to create a nice gather and asymmetrical bottom hem.

All done, took an old winter shirt to create a fun summer tank top!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty in Purple - Girls Summer Dress

~ Ellie's Pretty Purple Summer Dress ~
I wanted to make a cool, flowing summer dress for my little sweetheart. I found this fabric at goodwill, it is very lightweight and soft! This dress was a simple variation of the "pillowcase" dress, the straps tie at each shoulder.
I love this girl, she just makes me smile!! :)
The tuxedo front was created by making ruffles with a few rows of elastic thread from the extra fabric, the complimentary patterned fabric center and three little buttons for decoration.
A girl knows that no outfit is complete without accessories! This flower clip was made from the same purple fabric, from cutting about 8 circles and folding & sewing them to form a flower. The center is a different fabric and has 3 little beads, very fun & easy to create to make your outfit complete. :)

Precious feet!
The bottom has a 3 inch border of the same fabic that I made the ties and tuxedo front from, to give a little contrast to the light purple dress.
There you have it, the whole thing maybe cost me 4 dollars, about an hour, and she now has a pretty purple summers dress.... perfect for running and playing all while feeling like a little princess! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunset Beach Dress

the disappearance of the sun
below the western horizon...

This dress was an upcycle, I found this beautiful Sunset t-shirt & old sundress in a bag of clothes from a friend that was destined for Goodwill.  I loved the colors together, the ocean blue combined with the sunset rays.... just like watching the sunset over the ocean.  

I removed the sleeves and part of the back of the t-shirt and added ruffled straps.
An elastic waist and drawstring made from part of the leftover t-shirt.
The perfect comfortable summer dress.. kinda bummed I have to give it back!
I went to some garagesales this morning and found this awesome clothing display rack! Only $8, perfect for storing & displaying my newest creations!  Now if I can just find a dress form for sewing.. my future craft/sewing room will be ready to go!! :)