Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grey Ruffled Striped Tank

Winter to Summer Refashion!
~ Cute Striped Gray Ruffle Tank ~
I had this large striped knit shirt from H&M, I loved the fabric but not the shirt itself. I needed a cute ruffle tanktop perfect for hot Arizona! So I turned it into this...

First I cut off the sleeves, created a new neckline and brought in the sides with my serger for a nice fit.

I cut the sleeves into long strips to create ruffles, and found some cool vintage nautical silver buttons to add to the flower center. To one side of the shirt I added some elastic on the inside to create a nice gather and asymmetrical bottom hem.

All done, took an old winter shirt to create a fun summer tank top!


  1. I love this Heather! I have a couple of shirts that I would prefer to change the neckline on. I may have to attempt it now!