Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty in Purple - Girls Summer Dress

~ Ellie's Pretty Purple Summer Dress ~
I wanted to make a cool, flowing summer dress for my little sweetheart. I found this fabric at goodwill, it is very lightweight and soft! This dress was a simple variation of the "pillowcase" dress, the straps tie at each shoulder.
I love this girl, she just makes me smile!! :)
The tuxedo front was created by making ruffles with a few rows of elastic thread from the extra fabric, the complimentary patterned fabric center and three little buttons for decoration.
A girl knows that no outfit is complete without accessories! This flower clip was made from the same purple fabric, from cutting about 8 circles and folding & sewing them to form a flower. The center is a different fabric and has 3 little beads, very fun & easy to create to make your outfit complete. :)

Precious feet!
The bottom has a 3 inch border of the same fabic that I made the ties and tuxedo front from, to give a little contrast to the light purple dress.
There you have it, the whole thing maybe cost me 4 dollars, about an hour, and she now has a pretty purple summers dress.... perfect for running and playing all while feeling like a little princess! :)


  1. Very nice. The model is beautiful! She must have cost a fortune to hire! But I might be a tad prejudiced! Robert the granddad

  2. How totally sweet! I think it is great you actually made your own pattern. I've been sewing for years and stuck so much to the mindset that you always have to have a pattern and directions, and after all these years of following patterns, i'm being inspired by you young folks who make sewing what it should be - creative and fun. And yes, your little model is adorable!!

  3. Cute outfit and all, FYI though your little model needs to have some hair removal done on her legs , her legs look like forests.