Friday, April 1, 2011

Pretty in Grey - Dresser Makeovers

Thrifty Dresser Makeovers
My 2 daughters share a room and were always lacking for dresser space. We did a little garage sale shopping and found this ugly brown painted dresser for $5! Loved the style & price tag... but the color reminded me of mud/poo.... ;) Time for a makeover!

We needed a matching set, something for each girl... so I pulled this little guy from my art studio that wasn't being used. And with a little spray paint magic... we had a matching set!
We picked up some new silver knobs from Target and I loved the finished product! I'm a huge fan of DIY and saving $$$! Don't let refinishing furniture scare you off, it's WORTH the time and effort.
I started by sanding down both dressers with the electric sander, removing the old paint/stain. Spray paint the set (glossy) in a deep grey and once it was dry I added a little darker glaze for the details.

The whole project cost appox $20. (including the new dresser, hardware and spray paint)
 I saved a ton of $ and got exactly the look I wanted for their bedroom. Love the purple and grey combo!
And for those of you wondering how I keep a 2 & 5 year olds room so clean....? ;) Just keeping it real!
I had to shovel barbies, books and clothes off the tops of the dressers just to get some pics. haha.

One of my girls FAVORITE toys is their doll house handmade by their daddy and decorated by me.
I've logged many hours of playtime with them, I've got to admit... we had fun creating this giant 3 story house, my childhood dreams come true. ;)
 Here is a sneak peak!

What was your favorite childhood toy?


  1. What a lovely make over you could get a job on extreme make over USA. You wanted our favourite toys when children well being a child of the 50s there was not much choice but my best toy was a baby doll called mimi and a teddy called well yes 'Teddy' but I was a book worm so always had my head in a book especially the Malery Towers series by Enid Blyton. I just saw myself at the boarding school but I expect in real life it was not so much fun.
    Thank you for a lovely blog.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx

  2. Those were awesome finds. I love the color you chose to give them a makeover with as well.

    My favorite two was a tie between my Jem dolls and My Little Pony.

  3. I know it's been a couple of years since you posted this, but, do you remember the color of the paint you used? I'm looking for some just like it! Thanks and great job!