Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

I'm back after a much needed family vacation over spring break to Seattle and Bend to visit family and friends. We had an awesome time and I came back feeling refreshed and loaded with inspiration!

The downtown market is loaded with color, fresh flowers, produce, jewelry, art, fish... etc! It is a sensory overload for the eyes, nose and probably wallet. ;) I purchased some artwork from a local vendor, yummy chocolate cherries, and lusted after the many gorgeous flowers.

Seattle had sunshine all 3 days we were there, crazy beautiful and a very unexpected treat! I was hoping for a little rain though, but we got some of that and snow on our 3,700 mile round trip drive! ;) Arizona to Seattle, and back again... plus lots of site seeing, wow!

Of course no market place shopping is complete with out a little Antique shopping!
So many fun treasures, I wish I had more $$$ and space to bring things home. :)

Here are some "Spring Time" photos from our travels, enjoy!



And of course, my hubby and I had to get in a "Kissy" Seattle picture, I love him!! :)

Seattle Skyline at night was breathtaking!

Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break!

What adventures did you and your family have?


  1. Great pics Heather! Glad you had so much fun...and good weather!

  2. You have such an eye for a good picture and I just love the cute yellow mac on I presume your little girl.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy

    Beverley xx