Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the "Johnny Carson" - GIVEAWAY- Vintage Suit Refashion

the "Gentleman's" bag... for the ladies... ;)

A vintage Johnny Carson Suit from the 70's refashioned into a messanger bag! I picked up this vintage suit jacket & vest from Goodwill several months ago, it is a retro 70's suit from the Johnny Carson line -- they are actually worth a pretty penny still so I was stoked to find it for a great deal!

I forgot to take a before photo, but the flap is made from the vest & lining, the body of the bag is made from the jacket and front pockets and the strap is made from the sleeves!

 I'm SUPER excited with to announce that YOU can have a chance to WIN this bag!!

It is going to be given away as part of  the Kreatid Photography + design photography challenge! Photographer Jen of Kreatid, has an amazing eye for taking beautiful unique photos, she loves Jesus (a lot a bit), is a sweetheart and is located in Arizona check out her website!

 I also included a "Photographers Emergency Kit" to keep in tune with the "photography" theme... this includes: tissue pack, bobby pins, safety pins, mini sissors, suckers, etc... something to help out when that photoshoot isn't going just quite right. ;)

Win this bag and use it on your next photoshoot, or as a diaper bag, book bag... etc. ohh the possibilities most importantly this is completely unique, handmade & vintage!!! :)

So GO to her site now for details on how to win and submit a photo entry for Kreatid's [VINTAGE] photo challenge! This challenge ends March 28th, good luck! 


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I "HEART" Vintage!
A few photos of my favorite vintage finds... 


  1. this is an awesome bag.....i love it!!! you rock the sewing machine!!!

    hugs, cindy

  2. beautiful! And if I don't win...are there any others?

  3. I will be adding more to the shop soon! I have a coat rack full of suits jackets, none quite as vintage as the Johnny though. :) Good luck ladies, hope to see your entries soon.