Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding beauty in your surroundings...

In the past the word "Desert" and "Beautiful" would not be two words I would place together in the same sentence.

Growing up in Arizona, I've gotten my fill of dry desert waste lands... endured the tumbleweeds, allergies and extra dusting in housework that comes from living in the desert. (haha... not that I actually do a ton of dusting, just keeping it real).  Unless the wildflowers are in bloom, I found the desert pretty much a UN-inspiring place that is filled with rattlesnakes and scorpions... two of my least favorite things in the world. I'm a BIG coward when it comes to scorpions, just gives me the shivers just typing that word. blaa! anyways, sidetrack! ;)

However, something has finally sparked inside me to really find the beauty in my surroundings. Right now we are living here and I should make the best of it and showcase the beauty of something I once detested. I think that is pretty much my "Sew-Over-It" way of thinking, take something old and boring to you and make it new, beautiful & exciting! :)

I've been enjoying learning more and enjoying the art of photography... and strangely enough I have found one of my favorite locations to shoot so far has been the desert.  Here are a few of my favorite desert photos thus far.

There is nothing more beautiful than an Arizona sunset, well.. except for maybe two people madly in love. ;)

This is how girls play on windy days, when most people run inside and a dust storm is coming... my adventurous daughter and I play outside! ;)

What is something you have a hard time finding "beautiful"? Take a closer look and you might just change your mind.

All this to say about the "desert", and I am off next week for a family vacation to Seattle! Haha.... every desert flower has to soak up the rain for a little bit right? ;)


  1. That is truly beautiful Heather! I love it when people soak up the beauty and enjoy their surroundings. God has given us so much diversity on this planet and every spot has its unique type of beauty. I love your joyful heart!

  2. Do your talents ever stop?! I *LOVE* these pics, especially the ones of your daughter. They look straight out of a children's anthropologie catalog (if they had one). Love, love, love.

  3. Thank you both! :)
    Jessica, I was so happy you said that, it was exactly the "look" I was going for. I love the artsy ethnic Anthro vibe. So fun! :)
    If your family or daughter ever want to do a unique fun photoshoot let me know.