Saturday, March 5, 2011

Green Bean...

Hello, meet Green bean... in all his green greenliness.
We met at Goodwill and after getting over my inital reaction...

I was captivated by the price tag {$7} enough to take a second glance. I told him if he wanted to become part of our family the vinyl and green had to go.
So today he got a makeover! ;) 
Ah much better and a perfect chair for my art/sewing desk. This was one of the quickest and most fun before/after projects I've done... I love spray paint!

Sanded & sprayed this guy down then added some distressing and glaze, I love that bright pop of color! 
I found this artsy floral upholstery fabric in the remnant section at JoAnns for $40 a yard original price tag, yikes!! Today it was 40% off and then another 50% off that, I think I paid about $12 for it... and I have more left over for other little projects!

After I finished up I got lucky to find a little beauty sitting in my chair modeling it for me. ;)

{$23} dollars start to finish. Love.


  1. love that blue! and the fabric is awesome too! Oh, and that model, WOW, what a beauty!!
    I did a chest and bed in such a similar blue, think I'll go post it!
    come see me @

  2. Nice work, Heather! I love what you did to that old chair. It looks beautiful! Love your cute model too!