Monday, April 26, 2010

Linen Halter Top

I found this linen shirt at Goodwill, I thought the fabric was light & airy for summer. It was WAY to big for me, which gave me plenty of fabric to work with.
BEFORE: Long Sleeves, Plain with front pocket
AFTER: An awesome linen halter top perfect for summer!
I love the long tie, creates a big bow in the back... very feminine!
I removed the long sleeves and pocket then created a new sleeve line. Dont forget to sew down the front buttons so it stays closed! Cut off the top of the shirt to create the halter, fold down and leave track for the strap. On the back of the shirt I had to remove a large section for a correct fit, cut the back lower than the front... elastic through back, and about 8 rows of smocking. Bada Bing.... and now you have a new halter top!
I smocked the back of the shirt so it pulled nice and tight on my lower back.

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  1. This is my absolute favorite... you look perfect in it too! So talented Heather.