Friday, September 17, 2010

Funky Friday

Funky Friday

Two VERY important lessons I learned this week..... ;)

1:  NEVER put your apples in the same bowl as garlic cloves, LOL... the apples will absorb the garlic flavor and your children will think your evil gag when you unknowingly feed them garlic flavored apples for lunch! 

2.  NEVER feed your toddler chocolate in public no matter how much they scream or beg you... because you will most certainly somehow end up with your pants covered in chocoate and not realize it (while walking around the store for over an hour) looking like you've had a poop explosion. That explains the strange glances from strangers.... LOL.... Omg! 

Ahh... Oh why doesn't motherhood come with a manual? ;)

Anyways, besides my funky friday I do have a couple things I'm SO excited about!

I'm working on getting some decoration / storage things together for my new craft room. :) I purchased the most beautiful vintage ceiling tin memo board for my room from my friend over at JoyFrameworks.

~The Rusty Romantic ~
LOVE it.... It even has the most perfect button magnets!
You have to check out her etsy shop, she has SO many gorgeous creations and such an eye for creating something beautiful from vintage pieces!

Next I stopped by Total Wine and purchased a couple wine crates for $4.99 each!!  I'm going to "age" them with some stain and they will work perfectly to store all my fabric & goodies in the craft/sewing room. You can't even buy baskets for that cheap. I'm excited to get decorating! :)

Well... Wish me luck. Our big move is tomorrow... (and yes, I am procastinating all the last minute things to do right now... lol..), thankfully my amazing mother is watching the kidos overnight. So tomorrow should be pretty simple without kids underfoot.
Much love!
Heather ~


  1. OOh! Do all of the Total Wine stores have those crates available? I was going to start looking for some old wine crates soon. We are going with a winery theme for our kitchen/dining room. I'll have to check it out!

    Can't wait to see pics of your new creative space! I saw a vintage dress-form the other day and thought of you! :)

  2. Love the part about the garlic & apple! You are TOO kind for words. Thank you!