Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Studio


I'm excited to share my Art / Craft Studio with you... this is my favorite spot in the house. I feel inspired, happy and cozy in here.

I love the eclectic style, combining vintage with modern, vibrant colors & textures.  We've only been in the new house for a week, and this is where I've spent most of my time decorating so far. I LOVE having a crafting space, after years of working on the dining room table, counters with unpacking and repacking supplies into the garage... I'm so happy that my sweet hubby allowed me to use this formal dining room as my art studio!

I even have my own assistant! Meet Turbo, my spunky cockatoo. :)
We have long talks about my newest creations when the rest of my family is sick of hearing about it. lol... He keeps me company and provides a constant mess of seeds for me to sweep up. But I love him and his quirkiness.

Art Gallery Wall
A collection of some of the my paintings... a fun way to add color to the wall. I'm sure the artwork will be constantly changing as I sell & paint new pieces!
I've got a few blank canvas' that have been calling my name...

Can you tell I love color?

Inspiration: I think the best art/design comes from the heart, something you are truely inspired to create!
I found these words at Ross for $8 and knew they had to be a part of my studio.  The curtains I found at the World Market place, an avocado green paired with bright blues/teal and pink! Some of my favorite food & colors! ;)
Vintage Crates
Instead of buying baskets for my shelves I've been collecting vintage & wine crates to store my fabric and novelties in. I came upon this Antique Ginger Ale crate at a garage sale... it was a steal! I also bought new wine crates from Total wine for $5, I stained and aged them. They give me lots of unique storage that is very easy on the pocket book, and fun to look at! Be creative when you design your spaces, think outside the box... or in my case.. in the box. ;)

It's still a work in progress... I would love to find a big comfy chair for my office. What do you think about something like one of these?

Well, that concludes the tour of my art studio... come over & create with me!
Heather ~


  1. You are very creative and I love your room, it is always nice to see pictures of others space. I love your pictures especially the one of the two people intertwined and outlined to the far right of the wall would look good in my bedroom just the right colours. You seem to have quite a few crative outlets and I love seeing the things you upcycle. Pop over to mine anytime you like.
    Beverley UK

  2. Love your studio! The freedom to create without cleaning is a wonderful thing :) I'm looking for a chair for my bedroom & would love either of those. Assuming the 2nd is anthropologie, where's the first from?

  3. Congrats on getting all moved in! Thanks for sharing your space!

  4. I LOVE how it turned out!! And I'm a little obsessed with the curtain fabric. :) Great job!

  5. Thanks ladies!
    *Beverly, if your ever interetested in purchasing that painting let me know! :)
    Also check out more from the romance series at my website:

    *Jessica, aren't the chairs fun!? The green chair is from the World Market place, $170 right now... I'm waiting till it goes on Sale! ;) Although, I think it would be fun to do a refashion on an old antique chair to look like the Anthro one.