Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Headed out tonight....

My Cousin April is getting married soon!! :)
This photo is from my wedding day with my gorgeous cousin April nearly 8 years ago! Her own wedding day is this weekend, July 31st 2010

I'm so excited to be attending her wedding and see all my family again, I'm bringing Briellah with me since she still flys free on my lap. I wish my whole family could come.... why must AZ be so far away from KY?

I've been working on a painting for their wedding day, an artistic mat to frame their wedding vows. I was so honored and loved working on this project.

It is a very simple design of two trees of different types, the strength & beauty of the Oak & Birch trees..... entwined embracing eachother to create one canopy... symbolic of the husband & wife. The colors are soft browns, greens and a touch of shimmery bronze in the lovebirds & flourish designs. The ivy leaves twist together to symbolize their love with a heart.

I also painted a Ketubah for her sister's wedding over a year ago... see photos of this at my LuvARoo blog.
For more of my artwork visit my website:

I love weddings, especially those of family members who are completely head over heals in love... with eachother & with the Lord! I'll be home after this weekend, so for now goodbye... I'm headed out!

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