Thursday, August 5, 2010

Customize Flip Flops - Tutorial

How to turn a plain pair of $3.00 flips flops into something more spectacular!

~ Tutorial ~

1. Buy some plain flip flops (Old Navy has great $3.00 pairs in every color possible!) Gather your supplies: Hot glue gun, matching ribbon, beads, needle, thread, and any other decorations for your shoes!

2. Cut ONE long piece of ribbon (long enough to twist around straps on each side, size varies depending upon shoe size). Center the ribbon on the toe thong, starting from the outside pulling ribbons to the inside.

3. Use your glue gun to secure the ribbon, glue only on the top of the strap... tightly twist & glue your ribbon all the way down each side of the strap.

4. End the ribbon at the back of the flip flop strap, neatly tuck and glue the end of the ribbon on the outside part of the strap. (to keep it from rubbing against your foot)

5. Do the same with the otherside, and you have completed the ribbon wrapped flip flops! Now the fun part decorating!!! :)

6. Decorate your flip flops with beads, pearls, bows, buttons, etc.... You can use the hot glue gun to secure the larger items. I suggest sewing beads and smaller items securely onto the ribbon itself.
** One other tip, don't go to crazy with huge bows and fluff... unless you want to look like your wearing mops on your feet! ;)  Less is more I say... Simple & classy.

ALL DONE!... Simple right!?... You now have a fun inexpensive one of a kind pair of comfortable shoes! Perfect for yourself, little girl, weddings, etc.... 

Also, Click here to see the beautiful bridal flip flops I designed.

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