Monday, November 22, 2010

1st Birthday Tutu Sets

1st Birthday Yummy Tutu Sets!

I had some extra tulle in my fabric stash from a couple friends baby girl birthday tutu's I made the a little while back... so I thought I'd make a couple to share!  These are a one of a kind and ready to go home. ;)

~Sweet Cupcake Set~
Includes bright pink super fluffy Tutu, cupcake rhinestone embellished onezie, complete with a cherry on top headband! lol... Seriously it's almost good enough to eat! ;)  

Available: Here

~Pink Cheetah Ruffles~
This one is for your baby diva, soft pink & black cheetah ruffles and loads of tulle!
All size 12 mo, tutus will last much longer because they are made on a elastic band.
I enjoyed the embellishing this onezie... I think I may have to make some mommy size ones like this! So fun & artsy chic!

Available HERE

Happy first b-day to my girlfriends daughter sweet baby "K"! I made this tutu for her and couldn't get over how freakin cute she was walking around with that big puff ball of tulle! Baby girls are so fun to play dress up with! -- Anyways, get your tutu b-day set for your lil doll! I probably won't be making any more of these, so get em before they are gone! ;) 
I'm so behind on getting some new posts up on the blog, there is so much fun stuff to come!
Stick with me!! :)
<3 - Heather

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  1. I *love* the cherry on top headband! It totally completes the outfit! Love it!!