Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Placecards and Frame Decor

Happy Holidays!!
We are getting in a festive mood over here, and are excited to host Thanksgiving at our house tomorrow! Lots of last minute decorating and cleaning, and of course listening to Christmas music! ;)

This year I wanted to add a little more pop to the tables setting and painted some mini pumpkins in place of name place cards. Each little pumpkin has a name on top and is painted in tones of Gold/Silver and Bronze paired with orange. So fun & festive!!
Each pumkin will be placed on a plate with alternating gold & silver chargers. I left a blank spot on the front of each pumpkin and picked up some black sharpies... so each family member can fill in a word of something they are thankful for! A fun take home reminder to be thankful for the little things, family and fun times together. :)

Decorating is simple yet classy this year... I filled up my apothecary jars with things like whole walnuts, tiny pinecones and candy!

I have already have a few Christmas decorations up... I found several big empty frames at yard sales a while back and found the perfect use for them this holiday season.
Old Empty frames make a charming way to display wreaths, ornaments, christmas cards... etc.

A HUGE empty frame on my wall (waiting patiently for me to paint a picture to go inside) was the perfect place to hang a large wintery wreath.  

Sadly we don't have a fireplace so a bookshelf above our entertainment center is my "faux mantle".. lol..  I think I seriously may have gone overboard with frames, but I couldn't get enough of the simplicity & charm they provide.

I hung these sparkly pinecones and icicles from this one, added my sweater candles and a little sparkly Christmas tree. Reminds me of looking out an old barn window to see the snow falling. Lots of memories of snowy Christmas time with my family in Michigan growing up!

Meet our adorable little Charlie Brown tree.... lol.. This cutie is for the kids. We thought a live tree would be fun this year, and something fun to plant after the season is over.  I found the greatest little wooden top ornaments and bells for this tiny tree. The kids love it because it's a perfect height for them... and every time they shake it a bell rings... and an angel gets its wings. ;)

Well, Happy Holidays from my family to yours.... and a big sloppy wet nose kiss too!  LOL....
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't get trampled in black friday sales.... I think I already decided I'm gonna spend my morning snuggled up in bed. No crazy shopping for me this year, just relaxing... well maybe a little online shopping! Gotta support my UPS man! ;)

~~ Heather ~

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