Friday, November 5, 2010

Love Notes and a Special Date

Love Notes...
I married the love of my life almost 10 years ago!
I love this man, life is so much fun and better together. Can't believe we have been married for nearly 8 years, it's amazing how quickly its passed. Yet when I look back, through all we have been through; 3 children, homes, places we've visited... pets we've owned... lol..  It feels like we have always been together.

So with our special date quickly approaching I've been feeling nostalgic and romantic.  I went though a box of some of the love letters we wrote to eachother over the years, and felt inspired to create something fun and meaningful for our anniversary.

I had seen tutorial from AlisaBurke blog, about making love notes into pillows! Loved this idea... so here is my version of the Love Note throw pillows. What a beautiful reminder everyday of our love!

All my love, All the time... is a phrase we started when dating and had fallen head over heals in love. :) He had this saying engraved onto a silver jewelry box for me as a christmas gift before we were engaged. I treasure it and still love our little quote.

How to make your own love note pillows?
Scan in your lovenotes, song, or whatever is meaningful to you. I edited them in photoshop, enlarged and increased the contrast of the letters, you can also give it a sepia effect. Then simply print onto an iron on transfer paper! Be SURE to Mirror your image before you print!!! I've forgotten this many times...

Then follow your transfer papers ironing directions. I used a natural colored linen for my love notes and a pretty linen floral for the rest of the pillow. The colors and flowers reminded me of our wedding day!

Sew your love note to the front material of your pillow, I like the exposed edges.. they will fray slightly over time. However you could fold your edges in for a crisp look. Then sew your pillow together right sides facing eachother, leave a 4 inch opening on the bottom to turn right side out, stuff your pretty new pillows and handstich the opening closed. I love pillows, my hubby laughs at our throw pillow collection for the bed... but maybe he will enjoy these sweet reminders of All my love, All the time... ;)

I'm looking forward to this weekend... a four day weekend for us! Time to just to enjoy being together and celebrate 8 years and many more to come!


  1. Congratulations, and best wishes to you both, its always so lovely to hear storys of those who have found love. Mr S & I have just celebrated our 1st anniversary, and I hope for there to be many more lovely years together. I feel so inspired by your pillows.....I think it time to get creative.
    Lady S xox

  2. LOVE them...almost makes me want to cry, it's so romantic! Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples on the planet! I love you both.

  3. What a great idea! I love it!! Such a personal touch to your decor. You had a beautiful wedding too....glad Steve and I were able to be there! I still can't believe that it was 8 years ago though! So much has happened in that time!

  4. oh my lanta! i love very sentimental and this is right up my alley! thanks!

  5. Hi there! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I just found this and am wanting to make a couple of these for my boyfriend of five years for Christmas. I was wondering if it's possible to sew the piece of linen with the transferred message to a pillow you bought vs. making and stuffing your own pillow. That and the party where you mention to sew the pillow together with right sides facing each other and leaving a opening to turn right side out are the only things I'm a little confused about. Thanks so much!!