Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas glimpse... the calm after the storm

I hope your homes were filled with holiday cheer, much love and excitement this Christmas Season! Our Christmas weekend was a busy & special one... my whole family was together for Christmas this year. I love enjoying these special times and never want to take our time together for granite!

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner at my grandmothers house and had fun playing the white elephant game later that night. I think it was the first year ever that everyone ended up with something they like... haha... just wait till next year! ;)

My daughter LOVES her gifts, an artists set and pink digital camera... I love that we share a love for art & photography!  Maybe a sewing machine will come next year? ;)

I did my best to come up with handmade gifts this year! Wow, it was a lot of hard work but soooo rewarding & a fun learning experience. Of course we bought the kids toys though! lol...I'm not an idiot!

I got some good guesses on a lil preview of something I was working on as a gift. 
A textured clutch! I am in love with creating texture in fabrics, so much fun!

Another pinch textured handbag for my daughter Eliannah. I made all the girls tiny purses & matching blinged out flipflops for dressup time. So cute, bummer I forgot to take picutres of the tiny sets!

I will be posting a texture tutorial next on how to create this look for your own projects!

A chocolate linen & patterend purse, I scored big on this gorgeous fabric... 75% off $24 dollars a yard! Made a purse for both my mother & mother-in law, great for spring season around the corner.

I have also finally conqured the zipper! After many curse unfriendly words were exchanged and projects left to die in the trash... we have come to live happily together. I may just be leaving my faithful snaps and velcro for my new love! ;)   Don't let all those teeth scare you away... he's not as unfriendly as appears. You'll be glad you learned!

I didn't get pictures of all my creations this year but was happy that I took the handmade challenge... I learned a lot and each item was well loved and received by my friends/family! :)

I just love the calm after the storm, the post Christmas craziness turns still... the kids are quiet & happily exploring their new treasures. My little man just melts my heart, he turned 7 a few days before Christmas.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We survived our Christmas / birthday craziness and I'm SOOOO thankful to have my husband back from long hours at work. So sit back and relax before you start the big x-mas decor repacking project! ;)


  1. I looooove that pinch fabric purse and cannot wait for the tutorial!

  2. Do you have a pattern that you use for that purse you made for your mother in law? thinking I want to make a purse with those pants I told you about!