Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LuvARoo Wraps

Many of you know in addition to Sew-Over-It... I also create/sew LuvARoo Wraps (baby carriers)
I had a woman share a NY Times article with me this morning on Kangaroo care and baby wearing, and I was SO inspired! After reading this heartfelt article, I would love to help out!

**Please see my LuvARoo blog for more details and the NY Times article! -

I will donate TWO LuvARoo wraps (also free shipping to someone located in the USA)

One to a Foster mother of a newborn in need
One to a Mother-in-need with a Preemie newborn

If you know someone in need you would like to nominate to recieve a helping hand this holiday season please e-mail me with info & story at: LuvARoo@gmail.com


  1. you are amazing and fantastic! it takes a truly special person to think about the needs of foster parents. i work as a foster care adoption recruiter in Jacksonville, FL under the Wendy's Wonderful Kids Grant with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and this inspires me. truly. the agency i work under has many opportunities (prevention services, teen moms in foster care, et. al.) where your LuvARoo wrap would be helpful. i can e-mail a story if you have not already blessed someone in need. thanks!

  2. You are the first to respond for the foster care LuvARoo donation, yes please send me your info & story I would love to help out! :)

  3. thank you!! i will e-mail you shortly with my info & story :)

  4. the most amazing (seriously the sheer length & beauty of this LuvARoo is a sight) arrived this past week. my eyes lit up when i heard there was a package! for a moment i wanted to give the gift at that second; however, i found out this little lovely who has been gifted with the wrap has few people to surround her at the birth. the plan is now to present the donation at the hospital--she will surely enjoy this gift & celebrate the birth of her daughter. thank you again for such a generous & thoughtful gift. YOU ARE A GIFT FROM GOD.