Monday, December 6, 2010

New Pillows and Camera

A few NEW pillows in the Shop
 and fun with my new Nikon camera!

 I added zippers to make these easy to wash, and to change pillowcase after seasons change.

My love bought me my first SLR digital camera, a Nikon D3100! I've been having fun learning, and being SUPER inpressed with the quality difference from my lame ol point and shoot, to my new Artists tool! ;) All the new pillow pics were taken with my new camera, great right!?
Even my kids are saying no more pics mommy... I've been playing paparazzi! haha.. ;)
Gotta practice on the friends kidos too! How adorable is this lil man!? 

 Thanks to my handsome hubby, I'm enjoying keeping these precious moments forever in a photo. 

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