Friday, October 22, 2010

Boyfriend Bag and Nature Lovers Purse

This purse/bag started off as a navy blue cozy mens knit sweater and chunky leather belt.
Something about turning menswear into womens accessories I love... the rough edginess to something so soft and pretty!

The strap and buckle were made from refashioning a well broken in mens leather belt.
I love the weight and feel to it, the buckle is fully fuctioning and helps hold your belongings safe inside along with a magnetic clasp!

On a side note, I was so excited to find this vintage amazing apple crate at a yard sale a few weeks ago.
It has been added to my collection in my craft room! :)
~ Details ~

Leafy Nature Lovers Purse

This purse is made from new materials - (I know I cheated! ;) But I found the material on sale and I adore the brown linen and used leather scraps to make the beautiful green leaves with lots of stiching details.

The Boyfriend Bag and others are available in my etsy shop!

~ Heather ~


  1. Love them both, but the boyfriend is my favorite! Good luck at your craft show, let me know when it its and I'll stop by.

  2. Love the bags especially the leather leaf bag. I wish my sewing machine would take the heavier fabric and stuff but it is just a domestic S.M Maybe one day I could up grade. I am doing a sale in November and busy bag making so good luck to you on your upcoming sale.
    Beverley (UK)

  3. wonderful bags! especially the second one with the leaves. well done!

  4. Heather, I love the Boyfriend bag, its fabulous! You're right too, its wonderful to repurpose mens wear into accessories for us ladies :)
    Such a cleaver use of materials- I love it!
    Lady S xox

  5. Really cute, saw it on thrifty decor!