Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweater Pillow Shop Update - NEW!

SHOP Update!
Sweater Throw Pillows - Lots of Cozy goodness! :)

Reversible Throw Pillows - Use these cuties 4 ways!
Just flip the bow to the opposite side to create a new look or use back side up!
What do you think of this design? It kind of came to me by accident... but I'm thinking I really like it! Change it up without having to totally switch pillows. I can think of endless fabric combos... :)
Available: HERE 

Chocolate & Yellow Roses = Lazy Saturday Morning
$15 - Available 
Sweater Pillow SET - 2 Tan Cozy Winter Throw Pillows
 Available - 2 for $20! 
These are positively addicting, look how cozy they are! Lucky for you I made these to share! :)
Want to make your own?  -- Each of these sweater pillows are made from an upcycled knit sweater with new stuffing & lining. See more info on thrifty decorating here!  

Here is a little preview of my next project! oohhh... and I've been ripping up books! 
Gaaasp!......See why soon!  ;) 


  1. I love the sweater cushions, they look so cozy, just what is needed for winter. I'll keep these in mind for next winter, I think they would be great to snuggle up with :)
    ~ Lady S

  2. I love the sweater cushions and think I will have a go at making one myself out of a lovely red sweater that has washed a bit on the big side. Watch this space....
    Beverley x

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! Those pillow are adorable:) I am still new to the whole sewing thing so you shall be my inspiration! Love the ones with the little flowers.