Friday, October 15, 2010

Smiles of my Week

Well I didn't accomplish much sewing this week, with the kids home from fall break... and sick germies sharing their love between the 3 kids, and myself... But, I did have plenty to be thankful for!
Here are a few moments that made me Smile!
Nap time didn't come easy when Bella's big brother & sis were home this week. She played till she dropped! It finally got quiet in the house, and I found my baby girl curled up on the dog bed with her big sisters favorite stuffed doggie!  So precious....

The next was totally RANDOM. If you know my son, you know is 100% a pizza, pasta, burger loving kinda guy. So my jaw dropped when he requested spinach SALAD for dinner.... haha.. probably a once in a lifetime request... but hey, I was happy to serve up his order! I can't even get his daddy to eat this stuff.... go Buddy!

Next my husbands parents from Oregon spent the weekend with us and we all LOVED having them here.
It makes me smile how much my hubby loves his family!
Here is a pic of my adorable mother-in law and handsome hubby. :)

Next smile is my magical wardrobe....  I'm not gonna lie, I definetely did a happy dance when I brought this beauty home. It has been in my family for over 100+ years, an antique passed down through several generations I believe.

It has so many childhood memories associated with it, I was so fascinated by it growing up. Now my children get share in the memories! My parents were cleaning out a spare room where it has been stored for years, and lovingly passed it on to me because they knew the joy it would bring me! It has no fur coats or alternate worlds that I'm aware of... but you never know..... ;)

It is HUGE tall, and I love the details and charcacter of it! I think it always reminded me of the wardrobe from Beauty & the Beast that sings in Bell's Room. So for now it will store all the creations that I make to sell in my etsy LuvARoo shop. :)

And lastly, there is a thunderstorm rolling in right now! If you know me, you'll know rain & thunder makes me SMILE! I'm off to make dinner & watch the storm with my lil family!
What made you SMILE this week?


  1. nice to see that beautiful family piece have a place of honor and out for all to see. Don't think any family member made it, but I don't know.

  2. Your posts made me smile this week! :) Those cozy new pillows, the book wreaths, and Micah's salad are my favorites...

  3. What a beautiful wardrobe! How neat to have a piece you adore that also has sentimental value! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your pillows made it to the front page of Etsy! Congrats! If you missed it, you can go to:

  5. Thanks for letting me know, how cool... and they sold that day too! :) Do all treasuries end up on front page of etsy?