Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ripping out the pages

 Book Pages Upcycling?
Don't worry I'm not ripping up any amazing documentaries...  I used dollar store bargain books for my projects!  No classics I'm sure.... ;)

I got this idea from JoyFrameworks, who shared her Pages Wreath. Well, I fell in love with this idea and had to create my own too. Here is my spin on it and also some other clever book page decorating ideas I found in Blogland.

Book Page Wreaths
Aren't they pretty? I love that all the texture yet they give the wall!

They are super easy to make, I bought all the supplies at the dollar store:
* A plain wreath any size or kind you like (you wont see it anyway as it is going to be covered in pages!)
* Books- I bought two, one a cheesy romance novel. (and the other was called Pot Shot. LOL... Who would know these pretty wreaths are actually made from books about pot & sex!! hahaha... Shhh... Our secret!) ;)

--- NOTE: I would LOVE to see this created out of sheet MUSIC pages!
Wouldn't that be so pretty too!?
 I don't have any tutorial pics for you but It's pretty easy you get the idea. First you paint or stain the edges of your book, let dry then..... Just Rip, Roll, and Glue!
I used hot glue and have plenty of blisters today to prove it. However I did find another tutorial with a clever idea of using a hanger...No gluing, very clever! See it here at Corner Crafts.

I really like the idea of keeping these wreaths plain and adding to them for the holiday seasons.
So I created this smaller Autumn leaves wreath that fits perfectly in the center of the large paper wreath.
These large colorful leaves were from the dollar store also!
I glued these around an old embroidery hoop, very simple & lightweight!
Best part is I already had the hoop, and the leaves only cost me a $1.
Place it in the center of the large wreath... and now I've added a little Autumn Colors!
I can't decide if I love it there though, I might use my Fall leaves wreath somewhere else. What do you think? Is it to bold a contrast in the center?

Here are a couple other clever ideas from other artists I really enjoyed!
The book page leaves wreath from Alisa Burke
She handpainted autumn leaves with watercolors onto her pages.. this is so pretty & colorful!
If you enjoy painting this is a great project, it might also be a fun variation for kids!
Have them paint fall leaves onto pages to create something for their door.
She also used an old embroirdery hoop! :)
I made some leaves like this with my extra pages and stuck them on the fridge. They might make an awesome garland though.

Childrens Book Wreath
Okay how Dr. Seuss is this guy!? So fun & quirky!
Not sure I'm loving the glasses... but there are endless fun ideas for the center.
See more on this Childrens book turned into a bedroom decoration from: It's Gravy, Baby!

Paper Flowers made from Books
There is a great tutorial from It's in the Details blog that goes with this lovely flower.
Check it out: HERE

Pumpkin or Apple Books!
Another little addition at the suggestion of a friend!
Pumpkin or Apple book decorations... adorable!
Learn how to make your own at Cheeky Magpie's tutorial.

Enjoy! And get crafting.... repurposing those books you never use anymore.
Looking at these lovely decorations in your home might just inspire you to read!


  1. I have seen so many cute ideas using book pages, but I just haven't had the chance to try it out yet. Have you seen the pumpkins that people are making out of old books? Very cute! I love how you added the leaves to it.

  2. Adorable thanks Kiki! I googled it and found this guy... thanks for the idea suggestion.
    So clever. :)

  3. I'm so glad you liked my wreath! It did lead to a large blister!

  4. I love the apple- very cute. We used to make christmas trees out of old books, it was always lots of fun.
    Lady S xox

  5. First off, love the new look of your blog! Very refreshing! And, your wreaths turned out wonderfully! On a side note, I'm so tempted by your pillows!