Sunday, October 3, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Yard Sale Success!
I did a little treasure hunting this weekend looking for a couple things for the new house... well I was more than successful! I snagged some awesome deals and am in love with my new found treasures. :)

First off I found this gorgeous vintage liquor cabinet, I bought this for only $40!
It's valued at WAY more than that, I found this beauty from a sweet old lady who had received it as a wedding gift over 50 years ago. I felt kinda guilty buying it from her! lol...
I won't be doing any changes on this baby, love the details... its in perfect condition.

I also made some of those awesome sweater vase candle holders I've been admiring from left over scraps from my sweater pillow/purse project. I love the way the candle light flickers through the knit, I've lit them almost every evening to relax after the kids are in bed and enjoyed with a glass of wine!

(I know.... my poor sad empty picture frame... a painting is next on my to do list.)

Well, next stop on my garage sale adventure... I found this bad mamma jamma octagon table... $5!
I remember my parents had something like it when I was little, I remember hiding inside the cabinet on many of our hide-n-seek adventures! Bring on the memories...  I have an awesome makeover planned for this guy!
Yes, I'm quite aware that it is officially ugly in its current state... lol... my hubby gave me the "are you serious look?" when brought it home. ;)   --- Check back soon, I'll prove him wrong!

This lovely lady bust was only $2, she is gorgeous and a quirky art piece perfect for my house!

Something for the hubs!
My husband collects and greatly enjoys pipes, I found this very detailed Meerschaum pipe for sale from the same lady I bought the liquor cabinet.  It was a steal as well, and has a ton of fun character!

Last I'm so happy about this last find... I found beautiful high quality drapery + gorgeous curtain rods for sale... for only $20 for all of it! Enough to cover ALL the windows in our master bedroom... in our colors, brown and blues! Sweet & perfect! I couldn't even buy 2 yards of this fabric for that price!

Well, I'm off to set up all of the beautiful treasures I found this weekend and get decorating... who says you can't have a beautiful home on a dime?  Get thrifty and keep an eye out for a good deal! 


  1. Okay...I have GOT to get some sweater vases in my living room! Beautiful! :)

  2. Love the drapes - I found some lovely Autumn curtains in a charity shop which I have re-structured to fit my windows so yes you can have a lovely, stylish home on £1....(dime)
    Enjoy and have a happy week
    Beverley UK

  3. I've been reading this for a little while now, and thought it time to say hello. I love the sweater candles, such a great idea, especially for winter.
    Isn't it fantastic what you can find at second hand sales, everything is always so unique, it all looks lovely.
    LadyS xox